Leaders Of Transformation Podcast

Nicole Jansen hosts a regular podcast where she interviews influential leaders who are making a significant positive impact in the world.  Over 140 episodes to date, with listeners in 100+ countries.  Be educated and inspired through their experience and words of wisdom.

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Featured Interview:

Episode 107 – Nicole Jansen: Lessons From A Lifelong Entrepreneur


Also Featured On:

The Resilient Advisor Podcast

Host Jay Coulter interviews Nicole Jansen about how to gain leverage as a financial advisor using the DISC Model Of Human Behavior. Nicole explains how you achieve greater results and rapport with your clients, build a strengths-based team, and describes the differences between DISC, MBTI and Kolbe assessments.

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life Podcast

Host Louis De Bianco interviews Nicole Jansen on her lessons in life and business, her code of honor, how she overcome massive failure, doubt and depression to build a successful business and empower people around the world.

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Intentionally Inspirational Podcast

Host Jason Wright interviews Nicole Jansen about her lessons as an entrepreneur over the past 25+ years, the importance of playing to your strengths, and the 3 changes that all startups need to embrace in order to experience a breakthrough in their business.

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The Brave Entrepreneur Show

Host Jena Rodriguez interviews Nicole Jansen on her entrepreneurial journey, how to bring out the entrepreneur within you, and get your BRAVE on!

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Parent Pump Radio Show

Host Jacqueline T.D. Huynh interviews Nicole Jansen on the power of personality dynamics; how to understand yourself and your children better so you can build better relationships and raise more confident and empowered kids.

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Motivational Mondays BlogTalk Radio Show

Host Coach Shonneia Adams interviews Nicole Jansen on leading yourself, leading others, and becoming a leader of transformation who makes a lasting difference in the world.

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Business Innovators Radio Show

Host Donna Gunter interviews Nicole Jansen on the qualities of successful business owners, how to overcome failure and other business lessons.

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The Conscious Millionaire Podcast

Nicole Jansen is featured here on the Conscious Millionaire Podcast with J V Crum III, discussing entrepreneurship and how to build a mission-based business that leverages your strengths and passion.

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Natural Born Coaches Podcast

Natural Born Coaches Host Marc Mawhinney interviews Nicole Jansen on her experience becoming a successful business coach.  Learn important tips for starting and growing your coaching practice, as well as valuable insights for any business owner who wants to differentiate themselves and dominate their industry.

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LA Business Spotlight

Nicole Jansen  join Joel Metzger on LA Business Spotlight to discuss how Discover the Edge helps business owners play to their strengths and achieve breakthrough results in their life and business.

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Maximizing Moments Podcast

Host Milton Herring conducts an impromptu interview with Nicole Jansen on the 3 P’s of Business – Purpose, People and Profit.

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Wealthy Wednesday Radio Show

Host Luci McMonagle interviews Nicole Jansen on finding your sweet spot and how to create a breakthrough in your life and your business.

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Alterna Micro Finance Webinar Series: Power Up Your Profits

In this webinar, host David Cohen, engages Nicole Jansen in a power-packed interview which she shares her secret behind helping clients increase sales 15-150%, how to maintain your team’s motivation, differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and the 5 key elements to growing your profitability.

Watch webinar below: (interview questions begin at 5:45)

Discover The Edge Podcast

In this transformative 10-part series, Nicole Jansen engages Nick Pereira into a dialogue about hot topics including education in the school system, overcoming the recession, what’s causing our society to be sick, how to create great relationships, and going green.

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