What Are Other People Saying?

Success leaves clues.  Learn how Nicole Jansen, Founder of Discover The Edge, has earned testimonials from successful business coaching, team training, and keynote speaking clients from around the world.

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BlairSingerNicole leaves little doubt in a person’s mind as to what the next plan of action is for their success. She understands what blocks people’s progress and knows exactly how to move them through it.

Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Blair Singer Group of Companies


Torrian2Nicole Jansen has a refreshing approach to business development. She is a vault of wisdom that comes from her years of experience in building successful companies, advising top CEOs, and moving businesses and organizations forward into profitability. Each time I have an opportunity to hear Nicole speak, train, or interview on her podcast, I leave with fresh ideas on how to scale my business for success.
Torrian Scott, Founder, Masters in The Marketplace


Nick 2

Meeting Nicole Jansen was a pivotal moment in my business and life. When I met Nicole I was broke and struggling to grow a business.  After one meeting I walked away with a real understanding that there is a formula for success and that my mindset would have a massive part to play in what i will be able to create. With this information and Nicole’s weekly coaching, I transformed my life and business.

I am over-joyed to say that today I have a 6 figure income business that plays to my strengths which allows me to keep growing and stay passionate about the impact I am having in the world. Nicole taught me not only to have a growing business, but to have a growing life that I love.

Nick Pereira, Founder, The Freedompreneur Club


I met Nicole at the perfect time since I wanted to revamp my business plan. I was looking for a branding consultant, but really needed a business coach and strategist. After sitting down with Nicole for our first meeting she completely understood how I wanted to position my business.  I had interviewed a few other people before her, and I was not impressed with them since they only focused on marketing, branding, business development, and not so much on strategy.

I absolutely love the fact that I can pursue a mission-based business where I can impact people’s lives in a positive way.  Nicole helped me create a strategy and action plan to do that…and be profitable.  As Nicole said, it is possible to have fun, make money, and make a difference.  I am fortunate for Nicole’s guidance. She is practical, knowledgeable, honest, and best of all a great listener. Thank you, Nicole! You are a gift from above!

Edna Dimataga-Fernandez, Founder, The Wellness Institute


donnaI have only wonderful things to say about Nicole and what she has done for BOLD Imaging. First she helped us determine the direction our company should take, what our goals were, and where our area of focus should be directed. Once a good foundation was established she held us accountable for meeting the goals and deadlines we set to ensure our continued success. She has a wealth of knowledge that she was happy to share with us and she provided encouragement and support the entire way. She is a pleasure to work with. Thanks Nicole!!

Donna McClurg, Co-Owner, BOLD Imaging


gavinmillsAs a business coach I built a successful practice however had hit a plateau in income that I couldn’t seem to get past. Working with Nicole I have developed better accountability habits, honed my coaching skills and increased my revenue by 60% in the first 2 months.  Every great coach needs a coach who will expand their vision and keep them growing. Nicole is that kind of coach!

Gavin Mills


aaeaaqaaaaaaaaaiaaaajdc2ntfkodyyltjln2itngizzc05mzexltgyyjhkowe5otfjygThe very best business decision I ever made was to work with Nicole Jansen as my Coach and Strategist. Before working with her, my coaching business was essentially just an idea. Her strategy-based and solutions-driven Purpose to Profit program was exactly what I need to overcome the launching nightmare.

As a direct result of Nicole’s coaching, I learned how to fit all the pieces of the coaching puzzle together and create a comprehensive system to help me move forward with building my business. I was able to narrow my niche, set up a solid foundation for success and most importantly, book new clients.

Nicole doesn’t just coach you through a process. She mentors you to success. Business is awesome and I am infinitely grateful.

Andrea Hunt Raco, Certified Personal Success Coach, Coach For Life


vivianNicole has a very intuitive view of the business with precise understanding of the systems and structure of how to run it smoothly and profitably. She can give you a clear cut step-by-step instructions in making your staff and your system to work efficiently and effectively. When you are confused or overwhelmed in your business, Nicole can clarify the overall view and show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Vivian S. De Guzman, Human MRI, Transformational Wellness International


instructor-riversNicole Jansen is a rock star of the coaching world. I have been working with her for over a year and the results have been incredible. I am not just talking about the financial results which are there but equally as important to me are the spiritual results. The spiritual results are those that identify and drive a behavior potential that is critical to a life well lived and loved. And having a life with those results … Wow! ….I am excited where I am going. Nicole’s a true gift and an important part of my journey…both professionally and personally. I want to end my life saying what Paul Newman said when he died…”it’s been a pleasure being here.” Nicole is helping me to be able to say that!

Rivers Corbett, President, Relish Gourmet Burgers


bonnieNicole, Thank you for making a big difference in my life. You joined our team at a critical time and did much more than help us clarify our goals and make progress toward them. 

You helped a co-worker and me work through several conflicts so we could work together to ‘get the job done.’  Most of all, I appreciate you sharing your perspective on the world. Through your gentle yet firm coaching I learned to accept that sometimes good people don’t make good team mates. 

As a fellow coach, trainer and contractor your words of wisdom broadened my perspective until I got that sometimes it’s time to let go of a client who’s not a match, who’s values or methods of operating the business and leading the team are not aligned with mine. You helped me see the subtle and not so subtle costs of staying out of loyalty, fear or commitment to the same vision and goals.

To those who are thinking of hiring Nicole: If you are looking to evolve as a person while taking your business and team members to another level I encourage you to add Nicole to your team. Her work and her presence will exceed your expectations and delight your heart.

Bonnie Dubrow, Executive Director – Small Satellite Society, President, CEO, Business Coach – Strategies for Success, Inc.


2016-04-26 15.41.31I’ve been working with Nicole and Discover the Edge for 2 years as part of a team but over the last 6 months I started working with her one on one, and thanks to those 6 months I can not only say I’m better at my career but I’m a much better person because of it. I worked with Nicole to find out what I’m best at and we built a sales system around me, instead of every other sales training where they try to stuff me into their box.

My sales have gone way up, I’m getting the best clients we’ve ever had, and my confidence as a salesman has never been higher. But that is not all that’s changed. 6 months ago we also looked at how I view myself and where I thought I could improve. Since then, I have lost 45 lbs, my relationships with friends and family have never been better, I learned how to define the things I want and then go after them. Thank you Nicole!
Esteban Castellanos, WSI Lead Generator Franchise Owner


charleneEach year I hire a coach to help me with my business goals. I have been coached by MLM University coaches, Raymond Aaron coaching, Peak Potentials coaches, Brian Tracy coaches and Jack Canfield coaches as well as numerous others. Recently I have been coached by Nicole Jansen.

I have been blown away at the caliber of the coaching compared to all my other coaching. This has been the best coaching I have ever received, bar none. Why do I say that, because for the first time not only did I get results, I also got many AHA moments. This is the first coaching program I received that confronted my self-sabotage head on. It also encompassed not only the Doing, but the Having and most importantly the Being.

If you are ready to go after your dreams, definitely experience coaching with Nicole. It will change your life!

Charlene Day, Potentials Within


andrewNicole has been my coach for about a year now. We’ve overcome some peaks and valleys but having her by my side has guided me to make better decisions, resulting in the best body, mind and finances I’ve ever had.

I’m growing my business, learning new things and consistently being challenged by Nicole. She has always shown faith in me, supported me at the moments I needed her and helped cool my emotions during times when they were getting the best of my mind – when I needed my mind to stay sharp.

She’s an amazing spirit and her warmth comes through the phone and emails in a soothing way. We still have many years of work ahead of us and I thank the universe every day for introducing me to her. To thinking big and acting bigger! Thank you Nicole.  Thank you for being the rock I’ve needed as a person and in business.

Andrew Baskin, Real Estate Agent & Investor


victor and monicaFor the past 18 months Nicole Jansen has been our Sales and Business Coach. Previously, we have gone to countless sales seminars and sales training programs, all of them seem great at the seminar but none of them ever stuck. However with Nicole it has been a totally different experience because after the initials sales seminar, we tried her 6-week program and actually achieved our sales goals…working less hours! Afterwards, it just made sense to keep working with her as our Sales and Business coach.

What sets Nicole Jansen apart is that she doesn’t try to fit you into a little box where you have to follow a script and jab at your prospect’s pain points. Instead she helps you build your own system, work to your strengths and helps you practice so you’re ready for any situation. Individually we all understand our role as part of the team better and our teamwork is every day more and more effective.

It has been an invaluable asset to meet with Nicole every week to keep us on track, help us set short and long term goals and making sure we are not only following through but that we are doing something that makes us happy.
Every time we finish a meeting with her, our team is pumped up and our production goes up. Since we have started working with Nicole, we have more than doubled our business and currently we are meeting and overshooting our goals on a monthly basis. Not only have our sales increased but individually we are putting in less work hours because our teamwork is more effective.

We strongly recommend that anyone who wants their small business to increase sales, build a team and just be more successful contact Nicole today.

Victor Castellanos, Monica Suarez, Esteban Castellanos, WSI Lead Generator Franchise Owners


ericWe were encouraged by our franchisor to enlist Nicole’s help to move our business forward. We are happy to say that while working with Nicole, we increased our sales by about 22% each month of the three month program that was recommended to us, doubling our business in that short time.

Nicole is an extremely professional coach. She reviewed our schedules and how we were doing things, and made some excellent recommendations with specific tasks that we needed to do to improve on our marketing. She helped us by suggesting exercises to help us in certain areas, as well as our overall business development goals.
We would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to think bigger.

Eric and Jocelyn Macdonald, Franchisee, Premier Homecare Services


eldeanIf you want to serve your clients to the best of your ability then you need to register for the Leading With Your Personality course presented by Nicole Jansen.

Actually, I would venture to say that this course would be excellent for parents, couples and teachers too! Nicole teaches that there are four main personality types and she skillfully explains how to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and more importantly how to recognize the core personality traits in others.
I mastered the ability to communicate more effectively with my clients in their language. In addition, I now understand our “S” personality son a little better.

Eldean J. Dickenson, B.A., Wealth Management Advisor


3d68c37I recently did the Strengths Finder 2.0 survey which helped put everything into perspective for me and added credence to where I should be focusing my attention. For the first time in my life, I understand what I’m supposed to be doing – and it feels great (especially the part about ditching things that don’t interest me at all). I couldn’t have reached this point without your help, support, and understanding. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Walter Bak, CGA, Pristine Ledgers


After a somewhat disheartening move to a large multinational company, I was unsure of my direction and whether my professional development was on the right track. Nicole was able to help me re-establish my goals, she gave me a better understanding of how to leverage my strengths, and I left with a renewed sense of direction. I’m now back in a comfortable yet challenging senior sales role and would recommend speaking with Nicole at any stage of your career.
Eric Riehl, Sales Director

My life plan did not match my life reality. For the last few years I have felt that I have been lost, but making good time, spinning my wheels. One day I realized that I could not do what I needed to do on my own and speaking with a counselor wasn’t cutting it. Contacting Nicole was probably one of the best decisions I have made in the last 12 years.

For me, her approach of life coaching (not just improving my career or lack of a love life) helped my perception of reality shift. This tiny shift has created a huge change in my life. Through our discussions and her guidance I have found joy and the tools to help me create and see anything I want out of life. Nicole listened and asked questions in a way that no one ever had and this led to great ideas I had never imagined. I am continue to grow, getting out of my comfort zone, and enjoy the journey I am taking with the support of Nicole, who has helped me empower myself.
K.F., Language Teacher, Photographer, Traveler

Nicole, thank you! I am extremely satisfied with the overall experience and have already recommended you to a few friends. I am definitely more focused in my business and personal life and feel passionate about playing a bigger game and living more to my potential. … Once again, thank you Nicole for coaching me through such a terrific program and for being a great support!
Sam Saccoia, CEO Sales & Operations, Franchisee, CARSTAR Collision

Nicole facilitated an amazing workshop that proved to be valuable both for myself and for the team in general. We were able to identify our individual talents, and how they could complement the overall strengths of the team in moving forward. It was a memorable team-building exercise, which has set the bar very high. Every organization should take the time to figure out the strengths of their individual members and how they come together in building a stronger team.
Sandra Song, Economic, Policy and Planning Analyst, Industry Canada

Nicole, thank you so much for leading your business workshop for many of my key clients. Personally I was very impressed with the level of expertise you presented. Many of my clients received significant value from your presentation. Your reputation must proceed you because one client who was not able to make it asked for your phone number as they need some help with their business’ growth and planning.  I especially liked the way you involved the whole audience in your presentation. It was one of the most powerful and insightful sessions I have ever attended.  I will be glad to refer my clients directly to you as I know you can provide significant value.
Jamie Pritchard, Business Banking Advisor, TD Canada Trust

Nicole came in to work with our team and through her training, we were able to rediscover our team dynamics and learn how to work towards a common purpose. By understanding each individual’s personality, we all got to learn how to work to each of our strengths to help the team. Now we are all on the same page and headed in the same direction. Thanks a million!
Ian Sheppard, ENS Enterprises

One week after a sales training program with Nicole, I was invited to the International Networking Day at the Seneca Conference Center. The room was full of over 200 business owners from various fields of work. Because of the session with Nicole, I felt completely confident, presented myself within reference circles, and was given the opportunity to present what I can offer for these business owners to the entire room. Afterwards I received many compliments on my presentation, and more importantly gained over 50 warm leads of people who are interested in my services.  I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is involved in sales, whether it is for yourself or your employees; she knows what it takes to make great sales leaders.
Javier Chimal, Account Executive, CollectivePOS

Nicole is an exceptional coach, engaging speaker, and a powerful motivator with a great sense of humour! Her interactive process creates a positive energy and empowers clients with the courage to tackle respective challenges in the workplace.
As a participating audience member during one of Nicole’s group presentations in Toronto, I watched and learned as she enabled others in the room to connect with each other. To drive points home, Nicole drew on science and sports analogies to great effect. The audience loved her style! She is a team player. Nicole continues to correspond with me even though we met only the one time. I continue to learn from her generous nature, and pursue opportunities to apply the career knowledge she shares. Thank you, Nicole.
Ellie McCarthy, Certified Human Resource Professional

In a single session, Nicole generated a number of useful ideas to help me promote my new business. I gained a new perspective on how to utilize external resources to add credibility to my work. As a result, I was able to clarify my marketing message which in turn bolstered my confidence when presenting to my audience.
Corinne Lor, Executive Coach

I was introduced to Nicole through a former colleague of mine. After our first conversation, I was very impressed with Nicole’s ability to focus on the direction I needed to take in my career transition. After many hours of indecision on my part, Nicole suggested a simple exercise to get me moving in the right direction and through her encouragement, found myself launching a new career. She was the push I needed to provide the clarity on taking those next steps. Thank you Nicole, for your straightforward and intuitive advice and I look forward to continuing our newly established relationship.
David Marriott, Corporate Professional

As a business owner, I was able to confidently recommend Nicole to a high-profile client of mine. She stepped into a challenging position, assessed their needs accurately and reasonably, and then efficiently managed the project to completion. During and following the project, I received letters and phone calls of thanks from the client for Nicole’s solid work performance, broad skills base, and ability to effectively and creatively adapt to the changing needs of the project – they are looking forward to working with her for future projects (as am I!). Thank you, Nicole, for your outstanding performance services and making me look great in front of an important client!
Katherine Rallis, LifeCOMM Group

Nicole did a great job communicating with a large group of my clients, becoming an integral part of our tax litigation team. She is a very talented individual who practices what she teaches. I would highly recommend her to people wanting to improve their relational skills and increase their service excellence. If we could somehow convince her to work with us on a full-time basis, believe me, we would!
Cliff Rand, Partner, Stikeman Elliott LLP

Nicole’s practical teachings have given us the tools to develop very strong relationships. Our people are having more fun; the stronger communication has resulted in a friendlier, warmer environment and has increased the level of appreciation we have for one another as well as a better understanding of where the other party is coming from.  Overall, people feel more in-control, more appreciated and are having more fun! And I get the satisfaction of getting it right in an area that I needed to work on.  Nicole has changed not just how our business runs, but the quality of our personal lives with friends and family as well!
Hasnain Abdulaziz, Financial Services

I met Nicole at a 3-day Life Directions Intensive workshop in 2006, where she participated as a volunteer coach; right away, I knew this was a woman who is sincerely committed to service. Nicole helped me work through the exercises, clarify my mission and vision for my future, focus on my strengths, and channel my actions in areas where I would have the most success. Since then, I have kept in touch with Nicole and she continues to support me in getting grounded, staying focused, and reaching for the stars. My calls with Nicole have made a PROFOUND difference in my life: who I am, what I’m up to, how I operate, and the opportunities that I’m pursuing (and, importantly, which ones I’m saying no to) are all affected by the perspective-shifts that grow out of the superb coaching she provides. She’s a great coach and a great friend. Thanks Nicole!
Sandy Feder, JD, MA