Do You Have An Important Message To Share?

Studies show that public speaking – whether it’s in front of a group, on the phone, or one to one across the table – is the #1 fear most people have. Really, it’s the fear of being rejected, looking stupid, or having people laugh at them. It’s understandable…who wants that?

The FLIPSIDE however, is that your ability to deliver a powerful presentation is one of the VERY BEST ways to BUILD your confidence, and position yourself as an EXPERT so that more people WANT to do business with you!

Want To Inspire Others To Action? Attract More Quality Clients?

Learn how to powerfully present – yourself, your product, service, and message!

Schedule your own 2-Day boot camp experience and completely transform your presentations, your confidence and your income!

Whether you need to deliver an effective presentation:

  • To one person across the table
  • In front of a small group in a boardroom
  • From stage for a large audience
  • To your internal team members
  • Host teleseminars or webinars online

This 2 Day Powerful Presentations boot camp can be delivered 1:1 or within a group.  Either way, it will give you everything you need to powerfully deliver your presentations with confidence, clarity and ease.


 Here’s A Taste Of What You Will Learn:

  • The 5-step formula for starting every presentation – that’s when you’re the most nervous and your audience is the most skeptical.  How you begin, is critical to your success in the end!
  • How to eliminate your fear of the ‘stage’ and feel confident every time you speak
  • How to use Accelerated Learning techniques to keep your audience engaged, inspired, learning faster, and anchoring more of your presentation in their memory
  • Design and refine your presentation so you are ready and confident in your ability to communicate your message effectively
  • Improve the quality, resonance and power in your voice and vocal production
  • How to stay in control and manage the energy of the room (audience) in any situation!

…and much more.

Nicole JansenYour Facilitator – Nicole Jansen: As an Entrepreneur and Business Leader for 25+ years, Nicole has become one of the most in-demand speakers and trainers today. Her mission is clear—to empower people to tap into their strengths and achieve greater results in their life and business—and she has helped generate millions of dollars of growth for a broad spectrum of individuals and businesses.

Living the words of her message, Nicole teaches people how to create success and live more abundantly through both personal and business mastery. This powerful combination has earned Nicole the reputation of achieving breakthrough results for her clients and program participants in a short period of time. Very few presenters understand how to facilitate transformation as well as Nicole does.

To discuss your specific goals and training requirements:

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“One week after a sales training program with Nicole, I was invited to the International Networking Day. The room was full of over 200 business owners from various fields of work. Because of the session with Nicole, I felt completely confident, presented myself within reference circles, and was given the opportunity to present what I can offer for these business owners to the entire room. Afterwards I received many compliments on my presentation, and more importantly gained over 50 warm leads of people who are interested in my services.  I would highly recommend Nicole to anyone who is involved in sales, whether it is for yourself or your employees; she knows what it takes to make great leaders.” –
Javier Chimal, Account Executive, Collective POS