Are You Living Life Powerfully?

Have you ever wondered, “Is this all there is? 

What could I accomplish if I truly channeled my strengths?  Do I even know what my strengths are?”

Every person has unique strengths and gifts that, when developed, can produce powerful results in their life. Unfortunately, for the most part, we have been conditioned to focus on fixing our weaknesses verses building our strengths and, as a result, most natural talent remains untapped.

Also buried within every person is a dream, a hope, a desire, to reveal their greatness to the world and fulfill some purpose in life – to give their life meaning.  Sadly though, few people ever fully experience the joy of expressing their unique talents and strengths, achieving their dream, or fulfilling their purpose in life.  Rather, as the saying goes, “They die with the music still in them.”  How unfortunate for them…and for the rest of us who miss out on experiencing their genius!

Our Life Purpose Coaching program is designed to empower you to focus in on your strengths, ignite your purpose and passion, and leverage that creative energy to achieve extraordinary results in your life.

What’s Really Important To You?

Life is inherently busy.  Now more than ever we are being bombarded with information, opportunities, and distractions.  How and where we spend our time will determine the quality of our life, relationships, health, and whether we fulfill our God-given destiny.

As your Life Purpose Coach, we will look at 3 key areas that make up how you spend your time – the 168 hours per week you are allotted (24 x 7):

1)    Money ($)
2)    Health (H)
3)    Relationships (R)

We will also look at the central focal point – your life purpose, which is fueled by your strengths and passion, as well as the non-productive (wasted) space in between, which neither adds to your health, relationships, fulfillment, or financial well-being.

Together we get to the heart of you and your capacity to create success – removing the personal blocks standing in the way of your growth, expanding your self-concept and vision of what is possible for you, and equipping you with the tools necessary to live life powerfully.

You are never alone with a life coach. The most successful people don’t just have well put-together businesses—they have whole, complete, healthy lives, surrounded by advisors and coaches that help them along the way.

Our Life Purpose Coaching program is about bringing out the BEST in YOU

What Are A Few of The Key Benefits For You?

  • Greater Clarity – Discover your strengths, purpose and passion and how to integrate the different areas of your life, business/career to achieve true success and fulfillment
  • Increased Confidence – Trust and believe in yourself and your ability to create the health, relationships, happiness, and financial success you desire
  • Empowered Perspective – Freedom from the past, a renewed hope and vitality, and fresh outlook for your life
  • Measurable Results – Acknowledge and celebrate your progress and experience the joy of accomplishing your goals and dreams one step at a time
  • Weekly Inspiration – We will be cheering you on, as well as giving you the added push you need to get moving!
  • Relentless Support – We stand by you and are there to support you through all of life’s hurdles, opportunities, and achievements

Powerful One-on-One Interaction

You’ll be working directly with one of our talented life coaches in a series of one-on-one coaching sessions via Skype or by telephone.  Like a tour guide leading you up the mountain, each week we will help you move forward step by step, warning you of potential danger ahead and making sure you stay on course to your goals and dreams.

If you want to feel empowered, purpose-driven, and unleash the greatness within you:

Schedule Your Free Discovery Session

You are talented, born to win, capable of achieving amazing things.  Isn’t it time you tapped into that greatness, earned what you are worth, and created the life you’ve always dreamed of?   This program will start you on the right path.


“My life plan did not match my life reality.  For the last few years I have felt that I have been lost, but making good time, spinning my wheels.  One day I realized that I could not do what I needed to do on my own and speaking with a counselor wasn’t cutting it. Contacting Nicole was probably one of the best decisions I have made in the last 12 years.

For me, her approach of life coaching (not just improving my career or lack of a love life) helped my perception of reality shift.  This tiny shift has created a huge change in my life. Through our discussions and her guidance I have found joy and the tools to help me create and see anything I want out of life.  Nicole listened and asked questions in a way that no one ever had and this led to great ideas I had never imagined.  I am continue to grow, getting out of my comfort zone, and enjoy the journey I am taking with the support of Nicole, who has helped me empower myself.”

K.F., Teacher, Photographer, Traveler

Nicole Jansen is a rock star of the coaching world.  I have been working with her for over a year and the results have been incredible.  I am not just talking about the financial results which are there but equally as important to me are the spiritual results. The spiritual results are those that identify and drive a behavior potential that is critical to a life well lived and loved. And having a life with those results … Wow!  I am excited where I am going. Nicole’s a true gift and an important part of my journey both professionally and personally.  I want to end my life saying what Paul Newman said when he died…”it’s been a pleasure being here.” Nicole is helping me to be able to say that!”Rivers Corbett, President, Relish Gourmet Burgers