Looking For A Breakthrough In Your Life or Business?

for-women-business-owners-300x214There is so much information circling around these days… Where do you start?

Who can you trust to provide you with the specific tools, training and coaching you need to move forward?

We understand, and want to take the mystery – and risk – out of the equation so you can make a quality decision that best suits your needs.

We also only work with people that we know for sure we can help!

Getting results for you is what we’re here for – so it must be a win-win for everyone before we ever engage you as a client.

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Business Results:
 If it’s business results you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

We’ve helped thousands of business owners increase their sales and profitability, free up their time and generate millions of dollars, playing to their strengths and doing what they love.

Personal Transformation: If you’re looking to improve your life, relationships and/or health, you’re also in the right place.

One of the greatest points of clarity you can gain is discovering your strengths, and your purpose – why you’re here and how to make the most of your life experience!

Team Success:  If you have a team that is not collaborating as well as they could, we have a powerful process for bringing them together, aligning them to your vision and mission, and empowering them to use their strengths and talents as a cohesive team that gets things done!

How Does It Work?

Your Discovery Session with our CEO/Founder, Nicole Jansen, will be conducted over the phone or video Skype.

During your session, Nicole will help you focus in on the key areas of improvement that will have the greatest impact for you right now and the specific next steps necessary to achieve the results you’re looking for.

By the end of your session, you will feel more FOCUSED, more INSPIRED, and have a CLEAR PATH for moving forward.

Our experienced coaching and training programs have empowered people across 4 continents to live life powerfully and create the success they desire, and they will work for you too.

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Nick 2

Meeting Nicole Jansen was a pivotal moment in my business and life. When I met Nicole I was broke and struggling to grow a business.  After one meeting I walked away with a real understanding that there is a formula for success and that my mindset would have a massive part to play in what i will be able to create. With this information and Nicole’s weekly coaching, I transformed my life and business.

I am over-joyed to say that today I have a 6 figure income business that plays to my strengths which allows me to keep growing and stay passionate about the impact I am having in the world. Nicole taught me not only to have a growing business, but to have a growing life that I love.

Nick Pereira, Founder, The Freedompreneur Club


donnaI have only wonderful things to say about Nicole and what she has done for BOLD Imaging. First she helped us determine the direction our company should take, what our goals were and where our area of focus should be directed. Once a good foundation was established she held us accountable for meeting the goals and deadlines we set to ensure our continued success. She has a wealth of knowledge that she was happy to share with us and she provided encouragement and support the entire way. She is a pleasure to work with. Thanks Nicole!!

Donna McClurg, Co-Owner, BOLD Imaging


vivianNicole has a very intuitive view of the business with precise understanding of the systems and structure of how to run it smoothly and profitably. She can give you a clear cut step-by-step instructions in making your staff and your system to work efficiently and effectively. When you are confused or overwhelmed in your business, Nicole can clarify the overall view and show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Vivian S. De Guzman, Human MRI, Transformational Wellness International


BlairSingerNicole leaves little doubt in a person’s mind as to what the next plan of action is for their success. She understands what blocks people’s progress and knows exactly how to move them through it.

Blair Singer, Rich Dad Advisor, Best-Selling Author, Blair Singer Group of Companies