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Are You Ready To Transform Your Purpose Into Profits?

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Hi, Nicole Jansen here, CEO & Founder of Discover The Edge and the Purpose To Profits Academy. Over the past 25+ years, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of empowering thousands of entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into a highly profitable and rewarding business that affords them the lifestyle they truly desire. One that is driven by their God-given purpose and passion, aligns with their values, and supports their primary relationships, while making a lasting impact on the world.

I’ve been working on something amazing and I’m so excited to share it with you!

If you have a burning desire to succeed and you believe that it is time to experience explosive growth in your business, then I am committed to providing you with the expert coaching, training and support you will need to make that happen with my brand new Purpose To Profits Academy.

By Personal Invitation Only

Let’s face it. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re working extremely hard, often for too little reward.

The truth is, building a business alone, from the grassroots up, can be really challenging. I’ve had more than a few very smart and successful business owners tell me, “I’ve been trying to hit that revenue goal for years” or “I’ve been so busy with little things like email sorting and social media posting, that I haven’t been able to fill my schedule with actual paying clients.”

It breaks my heart to see intelligent, passionate and committed entrepreneurs struggle and burn out. That’s why I created the Purpose To Profits Academy.

You know the story.  Someone sitting in a corner office (or cubicle) comes up with a brilliant business idea, decides to venture out, and instead of discovering the freedom and fulfillment they anticipated and deserve, they find themselves working longer hours than ever before…for less pay and little to no recognition.  While on the sidelines, their family and trusted friends drop subtle, or maybe not so subtle, hints that maybe that ‘brilliant idea’ wasn’t so great after all.

The truth is, it is a brilliant idea!

Perhaps all you need is a little guidance, coaching and mentorship to develop that groundbreaking initiative or mind-blowing idea. You might just be missing a few important pieces of the puzzle, or simply need to fit them together differently to finally achieve it: your brilliant masterpiece!

That is exactly what the Purpose To Profits Academy is for – to help you discover all of those pieces, fit them together perfectly and experience the rewards of all of your hard work and dedication. You deserve that.

What Is Included?

As a member of the Purpose To Profits™ Academy…

You will receive everything you need to develop your skills, instincts and business acumen:

Weekly Instructional Videos – Each one dives deeply into a particular skill or proven success principle. You’ll learn exactly how to apply them to achieve immediate results. It’s one hour of pure get-it-done fun!

1:1 Coaching Sessions – Ask me about a particular challenge specific to your business. Together we will find creative solutions so you can achieve incredible results.

Monthly Master Classes – Learn from leading industry experts about how to improve your skills and knowledge with relevant, current trending topics in marketing, sales, business.

Access To My Endless Library – Best in class tools and resources designed specifically to help you build your business faster and hit those growth targets.  These include countless project outlines, assessments, proven templates and checklists, and a complete archive of all Monthly Master Classes, video courses, and more than 100 expert podcast interviews.

Secret Facebook Group – This is where you get to access the incredible power of association. Network and get your burning questions answered by other visionary entrepreneurs and leading experts from a wide variety of industries and professional backgrounds.

Monday Motivational Emails – Your weekly dose of inspiration, personalized just for you and delivered directly to your inbox to kick off your week with a get-up-and-go attitude.

Affiliate Opportunities – Participate in my “3 You’re Free” campaign, where you can share this Academy with the entrepreneurs in your social circle and earn back your investment even faster!

Now I must be completely honest with you. The Purpose to Profits™ Academy isn’t for everyone.

This is a private, members-only community. It is a friendly, welcoming, safe place where you share and post your questions, test out your ideas and receive feedback. You’ll even be able to network, collaborate, find accountability partners and mentorship.  The quality of the collaboration and interaction within the group is extremely important to me, so I must insist on a 3-month commitment when you join the Purpose to Profits Academy. Beyond that time, your membership can be renewed monthly and of course, you are free to withdraw at any time.

So if you aren’t sure whether you can afford it, if you’re on the fence about expanding your business and improving your life, or you’re simply looking for a ‘quick fix’, the Purpose to Profits Academy isn’t for you.

Anyone who knows me understands how much I value relationships, so I’m looking for associates who want to be in a long-term relationship with me and collaborate on a community level so we can work together and really make a difference for each other.

Next, you should know that the Purpose to Profits™ Academy is not magic.

What this means is that if you don’t show up to the sessions, if you don’t watch and listen to the trainings, if you don’t apply the lessons and do the work in your life and in your business, you won’t get to experience the benefits or rewards of all the amazing training and mentoring you’ll have access to, you won’t make back your investment and you won’t realize all the incredible results that I know are in your future.

“Our actions and decisions today shape the way we experience life tomorrow.”

So if taking action is something you believe in and the little voice inside your head is whispering that the TIME is NOW to get your business up and running and profitable – I will commit to you – to show you how to put all the pieces of the success puzzle together and have some fun along the way.

What to do next?  

It’s all up to you! You’re in control and it’s time to take action.  Simply download an application and email it back to me. I will contact you with further exciting details.

Until then, be brilliant!


P.S. Consider this…if the skills, strategies and techniques you develop though our coaching and training together lead you to just three new clients this year that would cover your entire Purpose to Profits membership. Don’t miss out!

Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Nick 2Meeting Nicole Jansen was a pivotal moment in my business and life. When I met Nicole I was broke and struggling to grow a business.  After one meeting I walked away with a real understanding that there is a formula for success and that my mindset would have a massive part to play in what i will be able to create. With this information and Nicole’s weekly coaching, I transformed my life and business.

I am over-joyed to say that today I have a 6 figure income business that plays to my strengths which allows me to keep growing and stay passionate about the impact I am having in the world. Nicole taught me not only to have a growing business, but to have a growing life that I love. 

Nick Pereira, Founder and Coach, Conscious Warrior & The Freedompreneur Club

donnaI have only wonderful things to say about Nicole and what she has done for BOLD Imaging. First she helped us determine the direction our company should take, what our goals were, and where our area of focus should be directed. Once a good foundation was established she held us accountable for meeting the goals and deadlines we set to ensure our continued success.

She has a wealth of knowledge that she was happy to share with us and she provided encouragement and support the entire way. She is a pleasure to work with. Thanks Nicole!!

Donna McClurg, Co-Founder, BOLD Imaging

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaaiaaaajdc2ntfkodyyltjln2itngizzc05mzexltgyyjhkowe5otfjygThe very best business decision I ever made was to work with Nicole Jansen as my Coach and Strategist. Before working with her, my coaching business was essentially just an idea. Her strategy-based and solutions-driven Purpose to Profits program was exactly what I need to overcome the launching nightmare.

As a direct result of Nicole’s coaching, I learned how to fit all the pieces of the coaching puzzle together and create a comprehensive system to help me move forward with building my business. I was able to narrow my niche, set up a solid foundation for success and most importantly, book new clients.

Nicole doesn’t just coach you through a process. She mentors you to success. Business is awesome and I am infinitely grateful.

Andrea Hunt Raco, Certified Personal Success Coach, Coach For Life

vivianNicole has a very intuitive view of the business with precise understanding of the systems and structure of how to run it smoothly and profitably. She can give you a clear cut step-by-step instructions in making your staff and your system to work efficiently and effectively. 

When you are confused or overwhelmed in your business, Nicole can clarify the overall view and show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Vivian S. De Guzman, Founder and CEO, Human MRI, Transformational Wellness International

gavinmillsAs a business coach I built a successful practice however had hit a plateau in income that I couldn’t seem to get past. Working with Nicole I have developed better accountability habits, honed my coaching skills and increased my revenue by 60% in the first 2 months. 

Every great coach needs a coach who will expand their vision and keep them growing. Nicole is that kind of coach!

Gavin Mills, Business & Sales Coach