Want To Increase Your Sales?

Every entrepreneur knows that in order to expand their business, they must generate sales.

Yet, more often than not, business owners – and particularly growing entrepreneurs – find themselves so caught up in the day to day operations of their business, that they overlook the #1 job of the CEO, which is to SELL!

Why is this so important?

Have you ever heard a business owner say “can’t do that right now, things are tight”?

Maybe you’ve said that yourself at some point. Likely you have some sales because without sales there would be no business. What you may be short on is enough sales, and actually collecting the revenue from those sales, so the money is in your bank account vs. someone else’s.  Closing the cash gap.

There’s a time for analysis and strategy, to be sure. But without the right volume of sales, strategy and analysis won’t have any leverage to work. Therefore, if you are running a business, you must know how to sell, and know how to create more sales on demand.

Which is why we created the Accelerate Your Sales Home Learning Program – to teach you how to sell with authenticity and integrity, and accelerate your sales NOW.

The Accelerate Your Sales Home Learning Program

By applying what you learn in this home learning program, you will be better at selling and marketing yourself than 99% of the business owners out there!

How is that possible? You will be one of the few people who understand:

> The step by step sales process for converting prospects into raving fans,

> How to communicate effectively with your ideal client avatar,

> How to powerful present your value proposition, and

> How to easily attract more interested BUYERS to your business

You will also learn how to use your unique strengths to sell authentically and build lasting confidence with your customers, so you become the trusted advisor they go to when they need help.

This isn’t one of those packaged sales programs where we tell you what to say. Your prospects want more than a canned script from you.  Nicole Jansen, Founder and CEO of Discover The Edge, often jokes that when she started out in sales 28 years ago, she was told “When they say this, you say that.”

Except the prospects didn’t follow the script! And she was quickly lost…

That is why our approach to teaching sales is very different. Through this program, we will guide you in creating a customized approach designed specifically to YOU and the clients and prospects you most want to reach.

When you purchase the Accelerate Your Sales Home Learning Program, you will receive:

18 downloadable video modules: These are divided into 3 sections, all geared towards increasing the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts, and provide you with the tools necessary to accelerate your sales immediately

Application exercises: To test and reinforce your ability to create massive value in the marketplace, effectively communicate your message to the right audience more often, and close more sales

Scripts and templates: Tools to help you create your own customized sales and marketing approach

One 1:1 Strategy Session: Meet over the phone with a sales expert to answer your questions and ensure you are on the right track with your approach and strategy

Lifetime benefit: You and your team can go back to these modules any time you are launching a new sales or marketing initiative

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The Accelerate Your Sales program is broken down into three main sections, each designed to accelerate your sales skills and build your business profitability.

Section 1 – Lay the Foundation

What are the stages of business growth? The building blocks you must have in place? What separates the average business from the super successful ones? These are the questions we will ask (and answer!) during the first few modules of the Accelerate Your Sales program.

At the heart of your business is lies a purpose or message…in the form of an idea, product or service. During Section 1, we will help you clarify, refine, and target your message so that it attracts the people you’re looking for, clearly describes the benefit to them, and calls them to action.

We will also teach you the psychology of marketing and sales so you not only get results, you understand WHY you’re getting results, so you can continue to replicate them over and over again.

Section 2 – Develop Your Strategy

Effective salesmanship is all about creating a path for your customer from introduction to purchase. How that path is constructed will differ from business to business of course, however certain timeless principles of sales always hold true. The more you understand these principles, the more sales you will generate, and the more money you will make.

This is where you will learn to play to your unique strengths and stand out from the crowd. We’ll cover a whole host of authentic sales techniques, and teach you when and how to use them confidently and effectively.

Curious how to approach different personality types? We’ll cover it.

Worried about handling objections? We’ll teach you how to handle any objection, any time from any one, so it’s a win-win for both you and the person you are speaking with.

Want to start closing sales with ease and confidence instead of stress and worry? We’ll show you how to AVOID being a pushy sales person and instead authentically co-create a sale with your client.

Section 3 – Take Action!

It’s time to put your plan into action! If you haven’t already, this is where you apply the lessons learned in sections 1 through 2 and begin to test and measure the results. How do you know which approaches are working? What can be tweaked? How can it be perfected?

By the end of this program, you’ll have created a complete, crystal-clear path from introduction to purchase and will be presenting a confident, positive, effective image to your customers. This means accelerated sales, more cash flow, and more profitability!

15 Day No-Risk Guarantee

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