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Here are some key learning tools we recommend:

Accelerate Your Sales Home Learning Program

Every entrepreneur knows that in order to expand their business, they must make sales.

Yet, more often than not, business owners – and particularly growing entrepreneurs – find themselves so caught up in the day to day operations of their business, that they overlook the #1 job of the CEO and the single more important activity necessary to increase their revenue faster than anything else…which is to SELL!  Sell your clients, your vendors, your team, and most importantly, yourself.  This home learning program will give you all the tools and understanding necessary to sell with integrity and authenticity, as your leverage your natural strengths and passion.

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Personality Insights Discovery Reports

These online assessments were developed by Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D., master communicator and educator. Based on the DISC Model of Human Behavior, they provide valuable insights into your natural behavioral tendencies as well as information that you can use to understand and relate better to others. There are three forms of Discovery Reports:

Adult Profile Discovery Report  Learn more

Get Real Teen Report  Learn more

All About You Child Report (children ages 4–12)  Learn more

Clifton Strengths Finder® 2.0

Dr. Donald O. Clifton, often called the Father of Strengths Psychology, believed that everyone has natural born talents which can be developed into strengths. Backed by Gallup Poll’s research, Dr. Clifton developed the Strengths Finder online assessment to help a person identify their top five strengths. An access code for the assessment is included in the book Strengths Finder 2.0.

Kolbe A™ Index

Kathy Kolbe pioneered the identification of a distinct cluster of human behaviors that led to breakthroughs in the understanding and use of innate abilities. The Kolbe A™ Index assessment helps a person identify their conative strengths – their personal, instinctive strengths – action mode – or “Mode of Operation”. The assessment report describes the intensity that a person has of each striving instinct and how to apply the information in a practical way.  Go to www.kolbe.com for more information.

Books & Audio

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